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The Ardnamurchan Club is a private, family lodge located in Nova Scotia, Canada. It was built in 1909 as a gathering place for generations of family and friends.

The founder Mary Cox and her children, the Penates, designed Ardnamurchan to connect us with family, surround us with nature, and allow us to rediscover simple pleasures.  


Slow Down


Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, a warm fire, a good book, the billiards table, and meals served family style.

Rediscover Nature

See osprey, harbor seals, porcupines, and native plants. Take bog walks, whale watch at Briar Island or visit Kejimkujik. 

Boating & Fishing

Go sailing or take out motor boats, canoes, and kayaks; mackerel fishing, local lobsters, oysters, gather mussels.

Cultural Sites


Visit the historic town of Shelburne, explore the Lighthouse Trail, and enjoy the local Abuptic Festival.

Racket Sports 

Play tennis, ping pong, and badminton as well as paddle tennis - which was invented by our cousin Fessenden Blanchard.

Beach Days 


Mavillette Beach, Sand Hills Beach, Carters Beach, and other sandy shores are all just a short drive away.



Ardnamurchan features a collection of charming, private rooms with ocean views or inland views; many with fireplaces.  There are also dormitory beds available. 

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